Mile Interview – Shake 5

What do you write, who do you rep and is there a story behind what you write?

I write MILE and I rep MIA. There isn’t much of a story behind name, I went through a fair few names nothing really stuck. My bro and I were talking about names we came up with MILE, letters were good so I ran with it.

How long have you been at it and what got you started?

It’s been about 3 years painting now! Before I picked up a can, one of the first experiences with graffiti I remember. I met TUNZ at my local skate park when I was about 6 or 7 when he was running graffiti program. I started taking Graff more seriously a few years after I reunited with TUNZ again, when I was about 14 and he started schooling me up!

Panels and chase stories or Legal’s and chilled one’s? 

I believe it’s good to have a good mix of both but when I comes down to it legal walls are where it’s at for me at the moment.

A few favourite’s… partners in crime, other writers, paint etc?

Favourite partner to rock a wall and talk shit with would be SHINE MIA that dude kills it.

Favourite writers with killer styles PUKE, JIESK, TUNZ, SHINE, KAWPS, TASKE, SONIK

Favourite sprays would be Montana black and Ironlak

Favourite Wu Tang album, 36 chambers

Last time you shook it, how well did you shake it? 

Mate, I’m not the bloke to be half arsed about graff related things, If you shake it you always have to shakewell!!

I recently attended KLEA SLM day in Newcastle. I want like to thank his close mates and he’s family for running such a sick event! But most importantly I would like to say I was honoured to rock a piece for KLEA!

Rest in piece bro!


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