Shakewell Magazine

Shakewell Magazine is a local print publication promoting the creative, urban and underground culture.

Based in Australia- we’re a bunch a nobodies telling the tales of the somebodies. We’re incoherently immature, aggressively un-fancy, foolishly honest and irrationally interesting, aiming to fill the void left by society’s dispensable rules. We’re advocating for the art that needs no regulation. We’re increasing the volume on voices that seek to be heard.

Art is the expression of human creative skill and imagination. The World serves as a canvas for each and the regulation of that to the extent which we are surrounded by deserves to be questioned by those who are willing to pay attention. There are Vandals and then there are Artists and whether you choose to identify with either the Authorities see you as the same…

“Our city is our playground, a concrete jungle, a cemented maze. Let’s get lost in these streets.”